Summer Kyoka, Mimi, Misogi confirmed! Event Preview! [プリコネR] [Princess Connect Re:Dive]

Summer Kyoka, Mimi, Misogi confirmed! Event Preview! [プリコネR] [Princess Connect Re:Dive]

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Misogi: Aaaaa there’s so much homework

Kyoka: Misogi, homeword won’t just disappear if you complain. You have to finish them one by one.

Mimi: But I understand Misogi~ It is summer break after all!

Misogi: Right? It summer break, why do we have to do something boring!

Kyoka: Boring…. Well it something we still have to do

Mimi: Hmmm… Oh I have an idea! How about we work outside?

Kyoka: True… Summer homework is different from our usual ones after all

Misogi: Ohhh great idea. I’m sure there’s some fun homework we can do!

Kyoka: Then let’s have a look. Homework tend to be similar even if it different school or grade…maybe there will be something perfect for us.

Mimi: Let all have a look~

Misogi: Oh! I found something that looks interesting!

Mimi: I also found something too! How about you Kyoka?

Kyoka: I found one too. Let all say what we found in 3.
3, 2, 1!!

All 3: Observation of life at sea!

All 3: Coming soon, [Little Summer Memories – A Small Joy found in the Beach]

Mimi: Waaaaa! It the beach ~ ! It so beautiful~

Misogi: Wooo~ I’m so excited! We gotta go explore! Come on let go everyone!

Kyoka: Yeyyyy~! ……h, homework! We still need to finish our homeworkkkk~!

Event/Banner releases on July 31st


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