Princess Connect after more than a year of Playing | Late Game Review | Priconne

Princess Connect after more than a year of Playing | Late Game Review | Priconne

Welcome to the start of the Late Game Review series! This was a long time coming and I only had time for it just now. I tried to make it shorter but really couldn’t convey the things I want to say any less. We’ll just go with this for now but I’ll try to work on the next ones shorter.

I really wanted to start this Late Game Review series with Princess Connect because this was the main series that boosted and influenced a lot my channel in twitch. With this, I can finally feel free to add other games I’ve been playing for a while now as well. Expect more games in the future!

I try to aim this for people who wants to get into the game late into its cycle, people who are curious what end game feels like, people who wants to see how others play the game, or maybe just content for old time veterans and poke fun at my own experiences. Anyone who has criticisms or want to share their different experience or whatever it is, feel free to leave a comment in the video.

Ilya Self-Damage Cancel Clan Battle:

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0:00 Late Game Review Series
1:46 Game Account Overview / History / Experience
3:15 Combat System
5:54 Clan Battle
11:05 Upgrade System (basics)
15:16 Gear System (advanced/competitive)
19:58 Gacha System / Character System
21:33 End Game Gameplay / Daily Routine
26:48 PVP
30:19 Luna Tower
31:43 Game Expectations, Future Content, Story, etc.
33:54 Newbie starting out, can we catch up?
37:06 Is it F2P friendly?
38:30 Is it P2W?
40:58 Is this game “maintenance friendly”?
42:49 How’s the community?
43:56 Final Thoughts

Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Review 2022 Late Game 1 year experienced


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