HARD 20-3 AUTO – Main Quest [Princess Connect! Re: Dive]

HARD 20-3 AUTO – Main Quest [Princess Connect! Re: Dive]

Hoi everyone~ (・ω・)ノ
Welcome to my Princess Connect! Re: Dive gameplay video!

You can use Christina for faster and easier clear. However in this video, I just wanted to do the less easy way and enjoy NY. Yui. Her UB shield and regen are satisfying tbh. Her animations and sound effects are so good.

👥Line up
Jun Lv. 118 – R11-6
Kaori Lv. 118 – R12-3
Makoto Lv. 118 – R11-6
Rei Lv. 118 – R12-3 — UE Lv. 70
NY. Yui Lv. 118 – R11-2

For NY. Yui’s rank detail, please follow Chocolate’s Anti-Brick guide:

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Thanks for coming by and good luck!

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